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Forums I do believe are there for a purpose, that is, to inform the public of one's own personal opinion and view on a certain subject matter. The basic problem with these forums is that they can be used against a successful company by a so called 'inferior competitor' who simply can't make the grade themselves under their own initiative. Basically they lack ideas and therefore find it very difficult to attract customers as their promotion of business is, to say the least 'lackluster' and uninspiring. So what do they do, they sign up to a forum using a bogus name and newly made e-mail address. Open a topic say 'visas for Thai ladies' and therein they begin a tirade usually on their main and most successful and feared competitor. They also force their staff and a few gullible friends to do the same, 'sign up using a bogus names and e-mail address'. Once ready they begin with how they had a very bad experience with say visa company 'A' and go into bogus detail as to how this company 'A' cheated them ect. You will also notice similar comments saying virtually the same thing from other bogus sign in's as they haven't even got enough common sense to disparage with variation.

Don't forget; these people who operate these failing companies and their bogus forum messages have lots of time on their hands as they have nothing else to do!!. So what do they do? They target the successful companies purely out of vindictive spite. One ought to feel sorry for them...but ironically we haven't got the time to as...'we're too busy dealing with lot's of fantastic customers and their visa problems. They've come to us to solve their problems, and It truly makes us feel talented to provide such a fantastic service and to receive such great recognition and accolade from so many...many people from all over the world.

The problem is that the users on these forums are people who make comments whilst using silly little 'Geeky' names, no different to wearing blacked out veils similar to those suffering Muslim women who are forced to hide their faces so that they can conceal their true identity. These people do this by deliberate choice through fear of being identified and the possibility of their suspicious backgrounds being exposed. No honest and genuine business person would ever dream of using them due the conflict of opinions and the 'public house' gossip therein, thus creating utter confusion. It's not unlike scavenging through a garbage bin where you find a bit of a note here, and half a note there, all amongst the chicken bones and leftovers; none of it adds up to anything worthy. But...I suppose if you have nothing else to do then the mind becomes the devils playground therefore anything will do to keep you occupied!.

Government figures will show that 97% of people who log on to forums and interact are from the unemployed and uneducated population and therefore offer their stale views from this negative and sometimes bitter platform. The report goes on to say that this has become their own playground and have found 'geeky friends' with a mutual low level of understanding or comprehension.

Traces on all contacts to all forums users can now easily be done using the latest technology by I.I.D.R 'International Internet detection robotics. You can call yourself what you want but once you log on to a forum from anywhere in the world you are now being looked at, and you are now traceable.

It is a fact that after 23++ years of immigration law and visa service you simply cannot please all of the people all of the time. At times we have had to refuse certain customers request particularly with request's to make visa's for either very young Thai children be it young boys or young girls and this has left these nefarious 'Lone wolves' angry with EASY VISA and they have taken a lonely revenge by saying untruths about EASY VISA on the various forums relating to Thailand , Pattaya, and visa for Thai girls ect....All 100% lies to which EASY VISA'S 1000s upon 1000s of genuine happy customer would verify. We can confirm here and now that we refuse unequivocally to assist pedophiles, They always use the 'wolf' in their geeky code name so public beware who you are following. We have a healthy reputation since our inception for securing visas for same sex partners whom we welcome and we can readily boast to assisting many.

Question: Why do the 'failures in life' always blame the successful for their own inane ineptitude?.

It's a fact. People always ask me on a daily basis, 'how do you stay in business for so long...over 23++ years with your same famous company and same famous name'. The answer is simple, honesty, ethics and integrity. Without these three vital ingredients in business, you simply have no business!

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