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Many thanks for your first class service. Thought it was easy 'I can do this myself' I thought, and my disappointment was profound when we had the refusal. You and your team were the light at the end of the tunnel. Once again..many ..many thanks
From Patrick and Nen, Melbourne

Hi again Paul and of course Rosy and her team. Very BIG THANKS for all for your fantastic work. Naturally I was a little apprehensive at first but on meeting you and seeing your very professional and modern office suite and realizing that you had an answer to all of our problems we soon felt relaxed. 50% deposit and the balance on receiving the visa was exactly what we expected. The visa was issued and I've never been so happy to pay money out Ha..Ha. We hope to see you all again soon on our next visit to Thailand. Thank you.
From Kenneth and Wanna, Perth WA

Dear all at Easy visa. On behalf of myself and my wife we would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you for your sterling service during the very complex visa process. 'Total professionalism', is the way that I would describe your services.

We are more than happy to pass on your name to anyone seeking to secure entry clearance to Australia for their wife, Girlfriend or partner.
Dr Michael Wills and Warunee Wills. Sydney

Hi Paul, hope all's well. Just a few lines to say thanks for sorting the visa for 'Penn'. Before she came to see you guy's she was a bag of nerves, she didn't know where to start and I was pretty useless being all this distance away so we were in your hands so to speak. Perfect job, well done. Hope to catch you next time around.
Justin and Penn, Cairns

To Paul King and the girls at Easy visa. Hi there Paul, this a little note to express our sincere appreciation for your first class work with the visa process and the difficulties therein. As a Chartered accountant I was 100% sure I could do this myself but as you know it failed due our lack of knowledge as to how the immigration process actually works. The refusal letter from the embassy showed our naivety in every department. It was certainly money well spent with you. We will definitely be seeing you again with view to a permanent visa. Kind regards.
Colin Ray ICAA and Ananya (Jeap) Melbourne

Hi Paul hope this letter finds you well. Please accept my thanks for the successful visa application for 'Suda'. She loves Australia, my friends and family love her. We were married on the 5th of March which was also Suda's birthday I've attached 5 photos to put in your customers photos album. You and your team have made two previously lonely people's lives very happy. I would go as far as to say that without your commitment and advice we would not be where we are today. From both Suda and myself our eternal thanks.
Joseph and Sudaporn, Brisbane

Dear Paul and your staff. This is a letter in appreciation of the professional service you and the girls showed while assisting with the settlement visa application. I'm happy to inform you my wife has now swiftly settled in very well ( although cold here in Adelaide currently) but she had acclimatized to the culture difference extremely well. Paul we cannot thank you enough and hope to see you again on our return in April for Songkran, I owe you a beer.
Cheers, Darryl and Meaw, Adelaide

Hell Paul, a deserving note of thanks.

We had been thinking of making this visa for a year or so but lost interest due to the uncertainly of the many (so called) visa agents and the variety of information we were getting from each of them left us somewhat confused. We saw your advert on the TV and you spoke with a profoundness that reminded me of myself. At that moment I called you. I had a set of direct questions which got to the point. This was to test your knowledge in order for us not to waste time. Boy did you know your stuff!!. I knew then and there that you and I would be doing business. The following day we began the process and the rest is history.

Very experienced and very professional. Thank you.
Simon Brookes - Ward and Meena, New South Wales

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