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The Lost Boy - What is Matt?
Matt Crook, 24 years old, currently writes a weekly column for Guru Magazine. He also contributed to numerous other publications.

The Exotic Adventures of a Literary
Sexagenarian A retired law professor, Andrew Hicks regales readers with descriptions of his idyllic life in the rice fields of Thailand, comments with mild cynicism on affairs of the heart between Thai ladies and farang and waxes lyrical about all matters Thai, both personal, agricultural and political.

Thailandstories.com is a site devoted to stories and articles about the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand. We are dedicated to presenting quality content of interest to those readers who are fascinated by and attracted to the Land of Smiles and all the myriad topics, including mature themes, written about it.

We are Geoff and Amy. Join us for a look at a positive Thai Farang relationship! Thai Farang couples can succeed! Also featuring Thai-Farang Forum.

StickmanBangkok.com offers weekly columns. They cover the Bangkok nightlife, but also cover travel in Thailand, and various other topics. Frequently updated readers submissions. Information on travel, teaching in Thailand, picture galleries, jobs, wifi hotspots etc.

The Farang Speaks 2 Much
Blogsite by the operators of the Big Mango Bar (restaurant) at Nana Plaza. The authors want to share their views of what it is like to not only enjoy Bangkok nightlife but actually partake in creating it since they also run bars in Bangkok. Readers contributions and weekly updates.

Stories from the life of Stuart G.Towns
Since August of 2002, Stuart G.Towns has been living, working, traveling, learning, photographing, and writing in Bangkok. This website is a small chronicle of the things he has done and seen over the past few years.

Thai Photo Blogs
Thai Photo Blogs offers daily news and travel photographs from Thailand.

Thai Prison Life
ThaiPrisonLife.com narrates the life of a Thai rather famous webmaster in the Samut Prakarn Central Prison, where he is being detained as punishment for drug use.

Thailand Voice
In our blog directory, we have listed the many Voices from Thailand. The bloggers here are either living in Thailand or writing about Thailand. Showcase blogs are features, as well as a 'blog of the month'. Good starting point to find various blogsites covering living in Thailand.

The Bangkok Bugle
Andrew has been working in Bangkok, Thailand, since June 2006. His current position involves editing two English language publications and liasing with overseas publishers to obtain licences for existing magazines for the Thai market.

Only in Thailand
Just married Carol and Chris decided to take the plunge and move across the world to start a new life in Bangkok. They report on their living experiences in Bangkok.

Bangkok Pundit
Bangkok Pundit offers a blog about Thailand with a focus on Thai politics and the problems in Southern Thailand.

Richard Barrow
Richard Barrow intends to promote Thai life and culture. Website is part of the Paknam Web Network. Good on this site is the navigation, which gives a clear overview of different topics.

Maybe hard to believe, but this blog covers Thai food, how to enjoy it, how to cook it, how to serve it.

Dave the Rave
Dave the Rave gives weekly updates on the nightlife in Bangkok and Pattaya. Not for the politically correct. Also picture galleries.

Thailand Gal
Read about my adventures as I go along about daily life, one Caucasian woman who has chosen to adopt Thai culture in a Western setting. Rather serious topics are discussed (ed.)

Mango Sauce - Crazy about Bangkok
Mango Sauce offers a blog that features a collection of mostly sexually orientated news item and videos, with comments by the webmaster, and reactions from various visitors. Language is often rather explicit, with lots of ranting, and the like. Not for the politically correct.

Thai360.com offers a forum that concentrates mainly on the nightlife in Bangkok. However, also general topics, health, visas, travel, relationships are discussed.

Thailand Video Blogs
As the name implies, Thailand Video Blogs allows you to see videos made by the Paknam Web Network. Topics include : crocodile wrestling, a ride on a tAustralia tAustralia, watching Thai likay, Wai Kru ceremony etc.

Bangkok Diaries
Bangkok Diaries are the diaries of an ex-pat English teacher, living in Thailand.

Mojo Spills...
Blog by a young Thai woman, living in Bangkok. Topics seem to be often religiously inspired.

Thailand Travel Blogs
Blogs about traveling in Thailand. Interestingly, you will be able to find personal travel accounts for some of the remoter cities and provinces of the country. Heavy on advertising though.

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