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Thai Girl by Andrew Hicks
'Thai Girl' is the story of Fon who refuses the advances of Ben, a plausible young English man who falls for her. Read how its author, a former law professor came to write the novel and see feedback about it on the Readers Forum.

Orchid Press
Orchid Press is a specialized publishing house devoted to books related to Asia : books of general interest, scholarly texts, fiction, and poetry, both new works and reprints. Our policy is to keep books in print for a number of years. Books are sold through distributors, booksellers and directly to customers around the world.

Retiring in Thailand - Paiboon Publishing
This book contains essential information about : Visas (tourist, non-immigrant, marriage and retirement visas and work permits); Finance (taxes, pensions, savings and banking); Health (private and government hospitals, clinics, prescription drugs, health insurance); Tips from retirees. ThaiWebsites.com has contributed to the health section of this book.

Only 13 - The true story of Lon
From a child runaway, to a top earner in Thailand's prolific sex industry, comes the story of a little girl in an impoverished land where girls aren't valuable enough to educate, yet are expected to become the primary income earners--responsible for the basic needs and welfare of their families. U.S. printing, best seller book of Asia Books.

Heart Talk by C.G.Moore
hearttalk is an on-going book project that collects and presents the Thai jai (=heart) vocabulary used in various situations in the Thai context. It explores the basic Thai emotional expressions such as these found in daily life, as well as other more unique, interesting and puzzling expressions that relate to the heart.

Jake Needham
Jake Needham is an American screenwriter and novelist who has become Asia's best-selling writer of crime fiction. His novels set in at least partly Thailand include The Big Mango, Laundry Man, Killing Plato, and The Ambassador's Wife.

River Books Press
River Books Press, founded in 1990, is a major publisher of Southeast Asia art and culture books. We focus on both the antiquity and the living culture of mainland Southeast Asia in various aspects including archaeology, architecture, textiles, artefacts and way-of-life. We also publish books in Thai language and bilingual dictionaries.

Gecko Books Group, Chiang Mai
The Gecko Books Group in Chiang Mai now has 3 good, clean well-lit bookstores with almost every kind of book that you can think of, that are open 12 hours per day almost every day of the year. Locations close to Thapae Gate.

Chalida - A Thai Family Drama by Salisa Pinkayan
Chalida - A Thai Family Drama by Salisa Pinkayan. Behind the Facade of High-Society Power and Prestige a Personal Tragedy Unfolds. A first novel and highly recommended (editor's note)

Hardship Posting
True tales of expat misadventure in Asia. By Col. Ken Oathe, D.O.M, VD and Bar Barstool philosopher and freelance philanthropist. Has extensive links page.

Hostage Press International - David Young
News and reviews of David Young`s critically-acclaimed Thailand novels including 'Bangkok Dick', 'SAustraliahumvit Road', 'Fast Eddie`s Lucky 7 A-Go-Go', 'Thailand Joy', and 'The Scribe'.

Heaven Lake Press
Heaven Lake Press is a small team of professionals who run a small Thai publishing house. We have a growing list of authors. Our authors include Canadian, American, Cambodian and Thai writers. Publisher of books by Christopher G. Moore.

Latest addition of bookshop and cafe on Bangkok's busy street of Thonglor (SAustraliahumvit 55). New and used English and Japanese books, jazz CDs, Lavazza coffee, homemade cookies, and more. 2nd floor, Penny's Balcony, Thonglor 16.

Dasa Book Cafe, SAustraliahumvit Road
Dasa book cafe : More than 10,000 second hand (English language) books. Located close to Phrom Phong BTS station, on main SAustraliahumvit Road. With coffee corner.

DHA Siamwalla Ltd.
We import, manufacture, distribute and export stationery goods. Office supplies and art materials.

The Butterfly Trap by Dennis Jon
The Butterfly Trap, a Bangkok novel. Excerpts from the novel, reviews, interview with the author Dennis Jon.

Pattaya Books by Duncan Stearn
Books from Pattaya, Thailand reviewed by Duncan Stearn, well known writer on Pattaya and its nightlife and bar scene.

Nangmai Books
Nangmai Books is your online store for Thai books, Thai translations, Thai music, books for Thai children and Thai newspapers and magazines. Original Thai novels in Thai, Thai novels translated into English and Thai translations of foreign novels. Our newspaper section includes Thai newspapers in Thai as well as Thailand's English language daily newspapers.

Stickman's Guide - Thailand Book Reviews
The 'Bangkok novel' is a well noticeable literary genre created by both professional and amateur Thailand based writers. Stickman wrote reviews of many of the latest publications.

Libraries on the Web - Thailand
Libweb : Libraries on the Web - Thailand. You will find links to major, mostly scientific (but some other) libraries in Thailand.

Buy Thai Books
Our bestsellers are books and software for learning the Thai language, but we also sell other books about Thailand.

Thai Oasis - Bangkok Fiction
The number of novels written with Bangkok (Thailand) as the setting, and by authors residing in Thailand, is simply astounding. How to find what may be suitable to your taste? This site offers valuable information on the literary genre and its authors.

Stories about Thailand from travelers and Thailand expats, guides to Thailand adventure and leisure activities, Bangkok restaurant reviews and descriptive articles of adventures, leisure activities in Thailand, focusing on beaches in Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Pattaya, Pai, Bangkok, Ko Chang, PhAustraliaet, Krabi and all the other little Kos and Kohs in Thailand.

AZU Editions Ltd.
Publishing house producing and selling quality cultural and travel destination oriented books and publications, including the \'Dreams of\' series, with titles covering destinations in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Thailand Fever is an astonishing, one-of-a-kind, bilingual exposé of the cultural secrets that are the key to a smooth Thai-Western relationship. Whether you met in a bar, in a university, or at work, and whether you met last night or decades ago, Thailand Fever covers your issues. Thailand Fever is the must-have relationship guidebook which lets each of you finally express complex issues by just pointing across the page!

Kinokuniya Bookstore
Kinokuniya Bookstore has large branches in Thailand at its Bangkok Store (Isetan 6th floor) and SAustraliahumvit Store (Emporium 3rd floor). Website offers online shopping for English-language and Japanese-language books.

A different brand of English - Andrew Mason
Only travel guide that solely is a guide for World War Two and Prisoners of War - so it contains a lot of info on Kanchanaburi, both contemporary and war time; including interviews etc of exPOW's who worked there. By Andrew Mason.

TAustralia-TAustralia, by Thomas Konkol
Spike spends his savings on a tAustralia-tAustralia, has to deal with street thugs, who almost destroy his tAustralia-tAustralia, and withstands many hardships leading to a final catastrophe that stops the city (Bangkok). First novel by Thomas Konkol.

D.A. Blyler Archive
Web page for expat writer D.A. Blyler, author of the novel Steffi's Club, who now makes his home in Thailand. Creator of the popular rogue advice column Good Doctor English.

Ken Albertsen, writer
Lali's Passage, a new novel distributed by Asia Books Zany adventures of a lovely Burmese lady. Includes comparisons of SE Asian and Native American cultures.

Ron Emmons, a writer and photographer based in Thailand, presents some of his images and articles on nature, travel, buddhism and photography.

English translation of the Thai epic Ramakian. Also some images of murals, masks.

Pira Sudham Voice from the grassroots of Thailand
Pira Sudham author of Monsoon Country and its sequel The Force of Karma is undoubtedly one of the foremost Thai writers of today, a formidable vivisector to reveal the hidden aspects of Thai society.

Journalism in Thailand and Indochina
Featuring work of freelance journalist Scott Murray based in Bangkok. His interviews, stories and photographs cover a wide range of topics and rich S.E.Asian culture.

Stephen Leather
Stephen Leather finally released his latest book 'Private Dancer'.(the book was a free download for a long time from his website) About Pete, a young travel writer, who wanders into a Bangkok go-go bar and meets the love of his life...

Prolific English language writer C.G.Moore.

Thaibrary Books
A wide range of books to buy and rent, we also buy and sell second hand books. If you are bored pop in put your feet up and have a coffee and have a read!

Bangkok Book House Co. Ltd.
Books on Thailand and Asia! - Available at leading bookstores in Thailand or order online directly with us! We ship worldwide. (Featuring : Jim Cornick : Smiles of Deceit)

Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Co. Ltd.
The Company has over 20 years of solid experience in publishing business. We publish Thai edition of National Geographic, many books, and magazines.

Stationery & Office Supplies
Manufacture,wholesale and made to order of plastic File, folder,binder, organizer, laminating film, transparency film

Comm Bangkok Co. Ltd.
Publications by Comm Bangkok Co. Ltd. : Factory directory, Golf course Guide, Discount Guide. Also information in Japanese language. Available in major book stores.

DCO On-line Shopping in Thailand
Online shopping for : books, software, hardware, accessories, language learning.

The Neilson Hays Library
Neilson Hays Library, located on Suriwongse road. Also houses an art gallery.

A shopping center run by Sriwittayapaknam School
This e-commerce web site is run by students and teachers at Sriwittayapaknam School in Samut Prakan, Thailand.

Chula Book Store
Academic books and much more available at the bookstore of Chulalongkorn University.

Siam Novella
Provides worldwide delivery. Interactive form allows you to ask for help in finding rare books.

Asia Books
English language books. Store has many good gift item books. Works of many English language novellists, located in Thailand.

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